Akmetal is able to achieve and stick to required on-time production levels with its employee capacity
Internally equipped with renewed grinding cells and flexible outsourcing possibilities.

All other carried-out operations and equipment are as follows:

  • Shake Out Unit with 2 vibration table combined with mechanical sand reclamation system (9 Tons/hour)
  • Clasman Dynamics Heavy-Duty Canon for breaking core applications for easier and faster removing of risers and gates
  • Flame Cutting possibility in hot condition
  • Arc-Air for faster trimming and cutting for stainless steel parts
  • Grinding for better surface quality
  • Surface Protection and Primer Painting applications
  • Pickling & Passivation possibility in case of requirement.
  • Shot Blast Cabins 10MT, 5MT, 3MT with Steel shots, sand blasting is also possible by outsourcing.