APS is one of the modules of ABS. The main objective of APS is to increase On-Time-Delivery performance of Akmetal which is one of the top Key Performance Indicators. Lean Institute Executives and Akmetal‘ s Managers computerized the idea of Lean Management and OTD expectations and put them into the field operations.

  • APS aims to find the latest possible moulding date to meet delivery time with respect to tack time of each process.
  • APS also provides reliable information to Top Management to foresee possible bottlenecks that may occur and give sufficient time (1-12 weeks) for a feasibility study of investments.

In APS, following points are taken into account;

  • Availability of moulding frames on a specified moulding date
  • Process tack times of each single part in order book
  • Current order book
  • Through the APS, Sales and Planning Department can create daily and weekly production plan, to ensure maximising capacity utilization, minimising waste of time and effort and balancing production not to create bottleneck or excessive work in process


    Akmetal has created, with consultancy of Lean Institute, its own enterprise resource planning software called Akmetal Bilgi Sistemi - ABS (Akmetal Information System).
    Lean Institute Executives and Akmetal‘ s Managers designed and developed the Akmetal Information System in order to ensure correct and fast, planning and communication between External (Customer) and Internal (Personnel) parties.
    Through the system, following issues are standardized, made comprehensible and monitored:

  • Understanding the order, specification, technical drawing and other related documents without leaving room to question
  • To share the correct data internally
  • On-time monitoring of the workload for each process and traceability
  • To follow process tack times of each single part
  • To record all past experiences (types of problems faced during production, reasons of Internal/External scraps)
  • To issue quotation documents and certificates to reduce workload on responsible personnel.